Hi, I'm Joe Lennox. I'm a space memorabilia collector, space program historian and teacher of space science, history and technology. I've been collecting space memorabilia since 1961 and have a very extensive and broad collection of artifacts. Over the years, my focus has changed and rather than collecting to expand my personal museum, now I collect and save to use these items in my teaching programs. I am on the staff of The Gifted Child Society where I give six, 10 - week classes each year, as well as going into local schools to tell children about the greatest explorations of all time. I have even written 2 books. "Vision For Space" is the story of how my eye problems prevented me from being a NASA flight controller as well as the story of how my collection has developed over the years, intertwined with a light history of the space program. It also shows that despite my eye issues, I really did reach my goal of being part of the space program through my teaching. The other book is "The A B C's of Space Exploration" which is a tutorial of space science, history and technology for children 8 years old and up.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my 50 plus years of collecting and writing letters.